Went a little nuts this morning putting together a list of bullet journal supplies I love and use.  This was fun to put together and I am hoping you will get some bullet journal ideas and inspiration. My favorite bullet journal ideas and supplies

Bullet Journal Goodies I Love:

The Leuchtturm 1917 is the first Bullet Journal I used. I love the paper and the way the journal lies flat when you leave it open on your desk.  It has an index page and numbered pages, which I find really important in a bullet journal:

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If you want to know more about starting a bullet journal, check out my post on how to start a bullet journal even if you aren’t artistic. 

I recently discovered the Scribbles That Matter Journal and LOVE it.  I really like the white pages in this journal (I prefer white pages to cream).  It has an index and page numbers.  A couple of interesting additions are the pages for your color code and bullet code (what your colors and doodles mean), and the page where you can test your pen to see if it goes through the paper. See my full review here.

Scribbles That Matter also has a Bullet Planner which includes done for you Bullet Journal spreads.

I have a video review here.

They recently came out with a NEW bullet planner which I love so much more! I posted about it here. I’m using this one currently and it is very well done! 

These are the most magical glittery highlighters I’ve ever seen.  Seriously, they are unicorn worthy!

In a recent post, I showed my favorite black pens for bullet journaling.  I also love this gorgeous variety of pens that fully erase if needed. These are amazing. They write very well. I love pens!

I love the next set of pens, the Tombow Mono Drawing Pens for everyday writing in the bullet journal.  The line is very dark and smooth.  I prefer the number 3.

My favorite pen in the world is one that allows me to put whatever inserts I want into it! See more about this here along with my pen insert recommendation.

The Mildliners (I always thought they were called Midliners) are such pretty colors.  They are somewhat muted.  These are the markers you see all over Instagram.  I just saw in Instagram they are coming out with brushliners soon!  SO EXCITING.

I’m working on learning to do hand lettering because I think it is so pretty.  The Tombow Dual Brush Pens are great for this.  I have attached a small package of bright colors as well as the full set. I love these so much that I bought the whole set.  They are also fun to highlight and color with.

More erasable pens.  This time they are highlighters.  These colors are great.  The purple one is a pale color that I love.

You might need to draw some circles in your journal. This stencil thing helps a lot!

Here is an IMPRESSIVE collection of stencils for a really great price.  When I received these in the mail I was shocked at how great a value this was.

Do You Need So Much  Stuff?

You can start a bullet journal with just a notebook and a pen; however, to me the fun comes in decorating it and making it look pretty. I get bullet journal inspiration just from playing around with all of these supplies.  I’m not talking about Instagram worthy shots, although I would be really happy if I had that type of talent.

I don’t.

Yet, the stickers, pens, markers, and nice paper that I added to this kit make bullet journaling so much more fun.

But Isn’t It Wasting Time To Do All That?

I’ve heard some people ask on social media whether it is a waste of time for those of us in the planner community to spend so much time decorating our planners prior to using them.

While one could certainly argue that it takes up good productivity time, for me it helps me to keep on task because I like using my bullet journal.  I like looking at it.

I have Attention Deficit (ADHD) and it is hard for me sometimes to stay on task and remember all of the things I have to do.  It is even harder to keep it all organized.

Having a bullet journal just works for me.

I think it works largely because I decorate it.  Otherwise, looking in or writing in my journal would just be another thing I have to remember to do.

I hope that makes sense.

I find it worth it.

Also, It is FUN

We need to bring more fun into out lives.  We live in a world that is always busy.  There is rarely time to just stop and do what you love.  Combining creativity and art with something you have to do to be productive makes it feel like you have a great excuse to have fun!