A New Beautiful Done For You Bullet Journal

Just in time for the New Year, Scribbles That Matter (STM) has come out with a new done for you bullet planner in A5 size.  This is great news and a huge improvement from the last version.

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A new done for you preprinted bulllet journal by Scribbles That Matter. Highly recommended. Video included.

Skip the rest of the post and buy it now.  It is good!

A Done For You Bullet Journal!

How awesome is it to find a done for you bullet journal with the spreads already drawn out!  See below for a video showing you all of the pages 🙂  This bullet planner comes in size A5.

A5 size is essentially the size of a half piece of paper and is a very common size for journals.  Their previous version was larger so if you like a larger version that one might still be for you.  I did a video review on the previous version in this post.  

What’s New in The Bullet Planner?

You will love this.  It is so nice. STM did a lot of research to figure out exactly what people wanted in a bullet journal.  Here are some of the things they added:

  • Pretty colors.  The bullet planner comes in maroon, navy, or white.  (I bought the maroon one).
  • Beautiful lettering throughout.
  • Year at a glance pages for 2019 and 2020.  These are set up real pretty with script lettering.  There is a lot of space for customizing.
  • Future logs of each month is in the beginning of the journal.  They went the extra mile and darkened the weekend dates so you can easily see where the weekends fall in each month.  
  • Blank dotted pages so you can be creative and add your own bullet journal collections.  
  • The dotted pages have markings showing the center of the page.  There is a faint plus sign in the middle, and a vertical line on the bottom and a horizontal line on the side so you no longer have to count your dots!
  • Each month has a cute drawing introducing the month, followed by 8 habit trackers.  
  • There is a monthly calendar added to this version with cute shaded boxes.  I just love the look of these. Again, the script lettering looks like what I would love to be able to write in my bullet journal. There is space around the calendar allowing for things like doodles or monthly goals.
  • STM added a weekly spread on two pages for each week.  Each day has a box with dotted print along with a box labelled “this week.”  A great detail is the little calendar at the bottom of each weekly spread showing the month at a glance with the current week bolded so you can quickly see where you are in the month.  I like this so I can at a glance see when my next payday is 🙂
  • They added page numbers, which I believe were missing from the last version.

Year at a Glance by Scribbles That Matter, a done for you bullet journal Weekly pages in the new done for you bullet journal by Scribbles That Matter

Monthly spread in done for you bullet journal by Scribbles That Matter

My favorite things about the notebook:

  • I love the pretty details they added like the bounce lettering script and the shaded boxes.
  • The daily boxes are big enough to include needed items in my day.  
  • The habit trackers are drawn out so you don’t have to do those!
  • The color is so pretty (maroon)
  • It has two bookmark ribbons, a pen loop, a pen test page and a back pocket.  
  • They added page numbers

Habit Tracker page in new done for you bullet journal by Scribbles That Matter Future log pages in the new done for you bullet journal by Scribbles That Matter

Here is how I decorated my first monthly and weekly.  Stickers are from:

Done for you bullet journal weekly page by Scribbles That Matter A done for you bullet journal by Scribbles That Matter.

What I don’t like as much (though it isn’t terrible):

  • There is no Index to mark important pages, unless you use one of the blank pages in the beginning
  • There are limited blank pages.  There are 16 in the beginning of the book, two between each month, and 16 at the end.  Truthfully this might be enough, but an index would help you to track each of these.
  • I prefer the B6 size so I can fit it in my Personal Wide ring notebook.  
  • I feel somewhat intimidated by a dated planner since I like the flexibility of only having dailies on the days I actually need them.  But I love the look of this journal so I am going to give it a try.
  • I don’t love the drawings for each month and may end up covering those with stickers on some months.  
  • I feel a little distracted by the marking in the center showing where the center of the page is.  I don’t use this because I don’t draw; however, I think it would be handy for those who do. I also think I’ll get over it.  

Do I Recommend The Bullet Planner?

If you need a bullet journal that already has all of the weeklies drawn out for you, then I highly recommend this planner.  It is beautiful and I can see decorating it each month to make it work for you.  

I’m excited to start using mine.  My only wish is that it was in the B6 size since that is perfect for my needs.  I see myself using two journals this year.  I will likely keep my collections in my binder and do my weeklies and habits in the new bullet planner.  

Go buy it so you can start using it as soon as possible.  If you are seeing this around the New Year, you can start right at the beginning of the year with me.  If not, you can find some creative ways of covering those pages. I think it would be great to cover them with printable sticker paper to write on or just to decorate over them with stickers.   It is your journal and you can do what you wish with it!

Here is a video review of the journal done by STM.  The neat thing about this video is you get to see all of the thought they put into creating this journal for you.  This is one company I am super happy to support. I hope you will go buy the Bullet Planner to support them as well.  If you prefer a blank notebook, you can purchase their A5 journal here as well.