I’ve been doing the keto diet for about three months now and am down a bit over twenty pounds. Although not as quick as I want, I’m pleased with my progress, especially given how easy this has been for me to stick to! In this post, I share keto snack ideas that keep me on track.

Keto snakc ideas to keep you on track. I found some of the best snacks for keto diet including sweet and crunchy keto snacks!When I started keto, the hardest thing for me was figuring out keto snack ideas.  I found lots of recipes for meals, breads, and desserts but couldn’t find anything quick to snack on.  Since then I’ve found a few great snacks for keto diet and I’m excited share with you.

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I wish I would have had a list like this starting out so I knew exactly what to purchase instead of weeding through a bunch of things.

Although most of the keto snack ideas in this post are things you can purchase and eat without cooking, I did include two fantastic recipes.  One helps me to have a sweet snack on keto and the other helps me to have a crunchy snack on keto.  The cracker recipe I included in this post is great for dips!  (Previously I felt I had to dip celery in everything).

Note: I do not purchase ANYTHING with Xylitol in it because it’s extremely dangerous to dogs. I have a bunch of super cute small dogs and I will never have Xylitol in my house because it just isn’t worth it. So rest assured this stuff doesn’t have Xylitol in it as of today.  (If the recipe changes, I will update this post)


First up is the best sweet snack for keto that I found.  It’s sugar free chocolate and I think it tastes better than regular sugar chocolate. It’s ketogenic diet friendly and delicious. It has a great blend of sweet, creamy, and crunchy. I recommend three varieties of this chocolate (I’m out of it right now and it is killing me waiting for more haha):

I’ve also tried their dark chocolate with salted almonds. I don’t like it as much but that makes sense since I am not a fan of dark chocolate.

Although it’s a relatively hot summer, I haven’t had trouble with the chocolate melting when delivered.  They put a sticker on the box that says not to leave it in direct sunlight.  Also, it’s packed in a little cooler.  The worst that happened was one time the cooler thing leaked and the boxes got wet.  The chocolate is packed individually in their own wrappers so none of the chocolates were affected.  I could see there being a bit of a problem with melting if it sat out all day in the sun, but if you have that problem, put it in the refrigerator for a little while when you get it.  The worst that would happen is it would deformed.


Next is an easy keto snack idea for on the go, nuts!  Nuts are a fantastic low carb snack.

I missed eating crunchy salty things like chips and was very excited to find these salt and vinegar almonds that cut the chip craving for me. I love the tart vinegar flavor of a salt and vinegar chip. YUM. Even the smell is enticing.

A word of caution: you have to be careful with these because nuts have a ton of calories so you can gain weight on these.

These nuts are probably the reason my weight loss has been slow. There were a few days I overindulged; however, I’ve since purchased little snack bags and count the nuts out into servings prior to eating them. Since counting out the nuts instead of eating a bunch I broke through my plateau and have been losing about a pound a day!  So you have to have self control if you purchase these easy keto snacks.


Although not technically a snack, it could be!  My husband really likes pancakes and I found a Maple Pecan Flavored Syrup that is super tasty. It’s thick and delicious. I bought it in a variety pack (not currently available boo) that includes a chocolate and caramel syrup but haven’t tried those yet. We do love the maple pecan syrup though.

This is the pancake recipe we use. It’s very fluffy and good and doesn’t taste all eggy like some others. The recipe recommends making sure the pancakes are ready before flipping them. I suggest paying attention to that recommendation. Haha, messy otherwise. I find using my smart grill in the flat open position cooks these perfectly. I set mine for 350 degrees.  (Ok, I’m really really bad at flipping pancakes so having a flat grill plate is super helpful for me).

Serve these with maple pecan flavored syrup and you’ll get your pancake fix! (I’m thinking about making these with some cinnamon or maybe some pumpkin pie spice in the future).  Here are some other ingredients I use in the pancake recipe that I got online:

Cheese Whisps

I discovered these crackers/chips made purely of cheese.   Doesn’t that sound weird?  The cheese is baked and when baking the liquid evaporates and becomes hard like a chip.  A chip made of cheese!  Brilliant.  I’ve tried this at home but haven’t been able to get the same consistency as the ones I purchase.

There are a few varieties. My favorite for snacking are the cheddar cheese variety. I like to eat these right out of the bag. If using a dip of some sort (guacamole!), I like to use the parmesan cheese kind. I’ve also tried the Asiago and Pepperjack one, but it isn’t my favorite.

I just noticed some new varieties on Amazon that I have not tried:

So I highly recommend these!


Ok, these crackers are not technically easy keto snacks since you actually have to bake them for an extended period of time but I want to include them in case you’re struggling with finding crackers/chips to dip things in. I make these crackers every week and use them for eating guacamole, spinach artichoke dip, cheese, and anything else I can eat on a cracker or chip.  I found the cheese whisps were covering up the flavor of my guac too much and I wanted something that would allow the guac flavor to shine through.  These crackers are perfect (with a few tweaks below).

One change I make from the recipe is I don’t add the seasonings other than salt. I also don’t use date syrup. Instead, I’ve been using the maple pecan syrup I mentioned above. Date syrup would add sugar/carbs that I’d prefer not to have in the crackers. In my last batch I made I used half the syrup and it tastes just fine. Next time I might skip the sweetener altogether and see how they turn out. (My maple pecan syrup is like gold to me yum).

Here are the ingredients I purchased to make the crackers:

Other Things That Aren’t Really Snacks at All

A few other things I’ve purchased online for the keto diet that have helped me to be successful that I thought I’d share even though they don’t have much to do with snacking:

MCT Oil which I put in tea

Coconut Oil


I hope you found keto snack ideas you can try out!  If you’ve found other snacks for keto diet, I’d love to hear about them.  I’m always looking for new things.  Leave a comment or shoot me an email and let me know!