Learn to create your own SVG files so you can make anything you want out of paper.  Create stickers, popups, folder, dashboards and more.

Learn to create your own SVG files for Cricut. Design stuff for your planner.

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Decorating your planner can get expensive pretty quickly, especially if you rely on stickers and such to make it nice! When I started out with bullet journaling I spent hundreds of dollars on stickers alone. It’s crazy looking back on that.

Many of the stickers I purchased were pretty simple, saying things like “TO DO” or sometimes they were even just a colored bar. Decorating every week got expensive quick. A weekly sticker kit on Etsy could be $20+! It isn’t sustainable day after day, week after week. How the heck do people do it?

Now instead of purchasing a bunch of stickers, dashboards, folders, etc.; I learned to make my own designs using a die cutting machine. I even learned to make a bow out of paper, so cute!

You don’t have to go into major debt to maintain a nice planner. If you spend $20 a week on stickers and stuff that’s over $1000 in a year, every year! Of course, you could also go back to using a boring planner, but I recommend signing up for this course on making your own SVG files for your planner!

Imagine creating whatever you want for your planner. No more searching high and low for things that fit your needs. You can make it yourself! Instead of purchasing a vinyl bow to stick on the front cover of my journal for $5, I can make my own for pennies.

You want to create a set of stickers for your excitement over your favorite TV show? You can do it. You want to create a folder to keep important documents. You got that too. A paper flower or popup card? Yep.

Jennifer has created a ton of craft projects with her Cricut and her course will teach you to do so too. It begins now and is open for a very short time (through Oct 27).

I’m restarting the course and would love to see you there. Click here and check out the course sales page to hear from Jennifer herself and see all the cool things you can make for your planner (and of course tons of other projects. A few months ago she made a paper flower that looked so much like the real thing that people couldn’t tell the difference).

The course will teach you to:

  • Save money by making your own stuff
  • Impress yourself by making things you never thought you could
  • Choose the right software and
  • Understand how to actually use it! (If you don’t learn this, you could spend hours getting no where)
  • Create what you need now and never have to wait for the mail to arrive
  • Make money by selling what you make (or even just the design you created!)

While the course isn’t focused specifically on planners, you will learn so much about creating your own projects that you will be able to make whatever you want for your planner. You’ll be making paper flowers, popup cards, and lots more.

The course starts this week and if you purchase by 11:59PM on Monday October 22, 2018 you get $70 off the regular price.

One thing I’m pretty excited about being able to do is make all my holiday cards myself. Hallmark charges five dollars or so for a card and it isn’t nearly as nice is the ones I can make myself now. (I really hate buying cards at the store. Takes forever to find one and then they are ridiculously priced…but I digress).

I hope to see you in the course! Go here to purchase and I’ll see you there!

P.S. The course uses the Cricut machine for cutting the SVG files you make. You can purchase yours here 

Learn to create your own SVG files for Cricut. Design stuff for your planner.