Get Clear on Your Personal Goals to Improve Your Life

Have you ever felt the personal goals you were working toward didn't fit? Take some time to figure out what is important to you so you can figure out what you really wish to be working on.

Who would be if you could be anyone you wanted?  What would you change about your life? What personal or life goals would you have and who would you be if you reached them.

I’m not talking about wanting to be Meghan Markle and marry into a royal family. I’m talking about being uniquely you, reaching your biggest life goals.

Do you know what your personal goals are?

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We get so busy every day that sometimes it feels impossible to reach goals, let alone to get super clear on what our goals are in the first place.

It’s not about the shoulds

We all know what we “should” do.

We should get healthier, spend more time with our families, things like that… These are our “shoulds.” They are the things we think we “should” be doing or that others think we “should” be doing.

These are not the important personal goals I’m talking about either. I’m talking about the goals YOU have, the ones that life gets in the way of. The ones you tell yourself are too far off. They are important but feel too hard.

Your goals need to be the things that are important to YOU

Think about what YOU want. Take some time with this. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? What’s important to you?

Friends? Health? Money? Family? Love? Spirituality? Career? Mental health? Hobbies/Free Time? Personal Growth? Romance? There are no right or wrong answers, just what is most important to you.

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I suggest you take each of these areas and write down three things that are going well and three things that are not going well.

For example, if I was going to do this exercise and pick health, I would say that the things going well are I haven’t been sick in a while, I’ve been losing weight, and I’ve been eating more healthy foods.  On the negative side, I would say I still have a lot of weight to lose, I need to exercise more, and I don’t get enough sleep.

The act of writing those out showed me that in the area of health I have many more negatives…mainly because I wrote those down in just a few minutes.

Journal about your personal and professional goals

Once you go through each area, ask yourself which stuck out to you the most as an area you want to improve?

Write a list of personal goals in your journal.  Rate each on a scale from one to 10 according to what is most important for you to focus on right now.

That will be your main goal. It doesn’t mean the rest get left behind; however, over the next few weeks, I encourage you to focus on that one goal.

When you are ready to start, download my daily journal page so you can keep on track and monitor your progress.  Enter your name and email to get it now.

I’d love to hear about the personal or professional goal you chose to work on.  Let me know in the comments.

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