Podcasts For Bloggers Who Want to Get to The Next Level

Listening to podcasts while commuting is a great way to learn new tips and skills to use on your blog and in marketing. Here are some recommendations for my favorite podcasts for bloggers.

Podcasts for bloggers that teach content marketing, blogging tips, monetization, online course creation, and much more

Online Marketing Made Easy

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Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy is definitely one of my favorite podcasts.  I have learned a ton and I love Amy’s teaching style.  Each of her episodes has tips you can act on right away (typically including a cheat sheet!).  Each podcast is a little course on something that will help your business.  Amy is open and giving with her material.  For example, in one of my favorite episodes she shared how she does her podcast planning. Not only does she share how she does this, but her opt in is her actual content creation calendar!  Some of my favorite recent episodes:

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  • #176 Steal My Podcast Project Plan
  • #164 Free Content Versus Paid Content:  What’s The Difference
  • #153 38,000+ Members in 2 Years:  Tips to Building a Highly Engaged Facebook Group


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Sonia Simone is someone you should be listening to.  She is an expert in content marketing and teaches actionable writing tips for content marketers.  The free content included in these podcasts is amazing.  I am also a member of Copyblogger’s paid membership called Authority and in my opinion the material on the podcasts is just as good as what I pay for (okay, maybe authority has a bit more).  Copyblogger FM does  not hold back on the podcast content though.

Here are some of my recent favorites:

  • How To Make Smarter Decisions For Your Website
  • How To Recognize a Great Content Idea
  • Real Talk About Generating High Quality Content

I’m very excited that I learned recently that Sonia Simone has a podcast called Confessions of a Pink Haired Marketer.  I cannot wait to dive into this one.


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As a blogger, you’ve likely heard of Darren Rowse.  Problogger is his podcast.  On this podcast you will learn many blogging tips and tricks including tips on writing, monetization, and promotion.  If you get a chance, make sure you listen to an episode with his back story.  It is great to see someone who is so successful who was just a “regular” person.  He didn’t even know what a blog was when he started, but has gained MASSIVE success.  His podcast is all about sharing his blogging knowledge so we can gain success too.  There is a Facebook group related to this podcast that is also worth joining.

Here are some great episodes to look for:

  • 214:  4 Realities of Blogging All Bloggers Need To Talk About
  • 209:  7 Types of Evergreen Content You Can Create On Your Blog
  • 198:  6 First Income Streams Recommended for Bloggers

Twitter Smarter 

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Madalyn Sklar is an absolute expert in Twitter techniques.  She has been using Twitter for a long time to engage with people and as a marketer.  She has started a couple of highly successful Twitter chats and if you watch her on Twitter you will see she is often a guest on other Twitter chats.

In this podcast, she teaches tips to use Twitter successfully in your business.  Each week she interviews an influencer.  A fun part of this podcast is she always asks them what tools they like to use with Twitter.  If you like tools and software, you will love this because you will learn a ton of new cool tools out there and how people use them.  Madalyn will keep you updated on what is working on Twitter and how to stay a real person that people connect with while on Twitter.  Best of all, she is super approachable and nice when you talk to her on Twitter.

Here are some great episodes:

  • Episode 13:  The Power of Twitter Chats with Brian Fanzo
  • Episode 9:  Twitter Listening Your Way To Success With Matt Diederichs from Hootsuite
  • Episode 51:  Get Smarter Twitter Marketing Results with Jay Baer

The Smart Passive Income 

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Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income teaches you about the many ways people have made money online.  He has interviewed several guests about what has been successful for them.

He is open about his own journey in business.  His website constantly shows his income reports and how much money his blog/podcast is making.  He seems to be a nice, trustworthy guy.  Seriously, listen to episode 273.

I have been a student in one of his courses (Smart From Scratch) which is one of the best I have taken.  The assignments were  helpful and gave clarity and direction on next steps.  The premise behind the course is finding a product idea and testing it out to make sure it is profitable before developing the product.   He wrote a book with many of the exercises in it, so it is definitely worth checking that out if his course is not open. Click here to check out Will It Fly by Pat Flynn  

Some of my favorite episodes from his podcast are:

  • SPI 276 The Art of Significance With Dan Clark
  • SPI 273 7 Powerful Things That Can Happen as a Result of Starting a Podcast

Simple Pin Podcast

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Kate Ahl is the owner of Simple Pin, a social media company that focuses exclusively on Pinterest marketing.  I feel like I could stop right there.  When someone is focused on one thing and one thing only and having success, you can be certain she knows her stuff.  Her blog and podcast are great at giving tips on how to use Pinterest for your blog.  Like other podcasts I enjoy, tips are given that you can take action on.  Here are some good ones:

  • How to Pin Strategically on Pinterest
  • Affiliate Marketing and Pinterest:  Tips and Strategies for Success
  • How to Build Your Email List Using Pinterest

Pursuit With Purpose

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Melissa Griffin’s Pursuit With Purpose is all about ensuring that you are pursuing a life of purpose while growing your business.  This podcast is more inspirational than the others, but I would say this one also leaves you with some meaningful actions to take.  This is one of my favorite podcasts.

  • Episode 17:  How to Finally Overcome the Struggles You’ve Experienced to Reach Your Highest Potential in Life and Business With Cheryl Hunter
  • Episode 8:  Why Fear, Anxiety, and Negativity are Necessary for a Positive Life with Mark Manson

I hope you enjoy these recommendations and find some awesome content.  Leave a comment letting me know what podcasts you recommend.

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