How To Remove Fonts From Your iPad (and Procreate)

In an earlier post I taught you how to add fonts to your iPad so that they show up in Procreate. But what happens if you want to delete that font?

If you added the font directly to Procreate, this is very easy. Go to your files and then navigate to On My iPad and then delete the font from your Procreate file.

If you added the font through a font manager, this is a bit more tricky.

Going into your font manager and hitting delete isn’t going to work because you have to go into your settings to delete the font profile.

I created a video to show you how to delete a font that you added to Procreate as well as fonts you added to your entire iPad with a font manager such as iFont.

As a reminder, I recommend only using fonts that you can use for commercial purposes without attribution. Who wants to keep track of which fonts you can and can’t use for which project? Not me!

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