Hi there, I’m Marlena, nice to meet you!  Marlena from apenandapurpose.com

Do you have big, overwhelming goals you are trying to reach but feel super distractible and find it’s hard to get anything done?  Do you get lost in the weeds of your giant to-do list?

I can totally relate.  I’ve always struggled with attention and disorganization but have found strategies to reign it in.  Instead of giving in to overwhelm, I’ve learned to be persistent and do what matters.

As a fellow scattered squirrel, I want to help you to reach your big goals by digging deep and figuring out what they are and then help you to get strategic in figuring out the steps to get you closer to them.

In my blog I focus on areas of productivity and mindset, using tools such as the bullet journal, Trello, blogging, planning, and journaling.  Sometimes we just have to slow down and get clear on what we need to do next in order to get to that huge goal.  Here are some examples of my favorite posts:

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When I decided as a young teen that I wanted to be a psychologist, I had no idea what I would need to do to get there.  But after years of school, writing a nearly 100 page (BORING) dissertation, and all the other million steps I had to do to get my doctorate and then my license, I’ve reached that goal and learned a ton of skills along the way about how to reach those kinds of goals.

Apparently I was so excited about reaching the doctorate degree that I decided to go back to school to get a masters in business administration.  Am I crazy?  Yes.  (And I am qualified to say so haha).

I know all about reaching goals that seem impossible.  Not only am I attentionally (is that a word?) and organizationally challenged, but I also have a serious case of imposter syndrome.  FUN TIMES!

But the thing is I don’t let that stop me.

It’s a strange skill I have.  I go for things anyway.  I want to help you do the same.

I hate seeing other women give up on themselves before they even have a chance.  They tell themselves they can’t so they don’t.

Just the other day I was talking to someone about a job I know she really wants.  I informed her the person in that job was planning to leave that job.  I know this because I am the supervisor of that job.  This person is brilliant and would likely do an awesome job (or so I think as the supervisor of the job…just thought I’d remind you of that part).

You know what she said?  “Oh, I don’t think I could apply for that.  I’ve seen so and so lead meetings and I just don’t think I’d be good enough to be able to do that.”


She’s amazing and this kills me.  She really believes this about herself, that she is not good enough and could never do it.

I’ve believed the same about myself, but I keep doing the things, reaching past my limiting beliefs to get to where I want to go.

I’m scared she won’t give herself the chance.

I can’t guarantee she would get the position, but I promise she would be considered a serious candidate.  Yet, she won’t try.  It didn’t even occur to her that I probably wouldn’t be bringing up the job if I thought she was not good enough for it.  I’m not mean.

So, that’s what I am here for.  I want to help you stop the madness 🙂  My goal is to help you overcome a lifetime of negative self talk and fear to achieve your most important goals.  This includes getting past crappy limiting beliefs and figuring out what is important and going for it!    Let’s stop you from getting in your own way and show the world your awesomeness (even if you don’t believe it right now).  I believe you can stop settling and reach your career, relationship, productivity, and self improvement goals.  I’m here to help.

So, yeah, that is what I’m about.

And you get to watch me get past all that icky in creating the blog.  Blogging is really hard 🙂

Thanks for joining me and I hope you’ll stick around.  I appreciate you helping me by sharing my stuff on social media (not this, this is just for you who stuck around).  I appreciate you.  Keep in touch.  Go hit contact me and send me a message or sign up for my email list and respond to the first email and tell me about YOU!

Marlena Larson, Psy.D. MBA (but really, just call me Marlena)