5 Amazing Ways Your Bullet Journal Will Help With Weight Loss

Bullet journaling for weight loss can help you reach your goals.  Whether you use a weight loss tracker spread, track your hydration, or do any of the other weight loss bullet journal spreads, a bullet journal can help you to stay on track and lose weight.

Woman preparing food, bullet journal for weight loss

When you start a new way of eating for weight loss,  it can feel overwhelming.  You have a lot of different things to keep track of.  Using your bullet journal for weight loss can help with this.   If you are new to bullet journaling, check out my post on how to start a bullet journal.

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Bullet Journal and Weight Loss

  1. Meal Planning
  2. Food  and Water Tracking
  3. Weight Loss Tracking
  4. Reminding Yourself Why Weight Loss Is a Priority
  5. Weight Loss Spreads In Your Bullet Journal Increase Mindfulness

Meal Planning:

Having a bullet journal meal plan tracker helps you plan what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the week and increases your likelihood of weight loss success.  When you have a plan you are less likely to stand in front of the refrigerator wondering what to make.  Or worse, finding there is nothing you feel like making which leads you to reach for the phone to dial up a pizza!

There are several ways you can meal plan in your bullet journal.  I’m using a simple weekly spread to plan my meals.  You can see whiteout was my friend this week (see my post on avoiding fear of messing up in your journal).  I’m starting a new way of eating and am learning as I go.  Bullet journal meal plan

Track Your Food In Your Bullet Journal For Weight Loss

Tracking your food is one of the most effective things you can do for weight loss.  When you monitor your behavior, you’re much more likely to create better habits.

I know, who wants to track food?  The thing is, when you track you pay more attention to what you are eating and are more likely to make better choices.  When you don’t track, you might take a bite here and a bite there feeling like it isn’t a big deal.  Yet there is a compound effect on how those calories impact you over time.  They add up.  I recommend reading the book The Compound Effect to learn how the little changes you make can add up to change your life.  It is eye opening.

Another way tracking can be effective is when you are doing an eating plan such as the ketogenic diet.  In the ketogenic diet, you pay attention to your intake of fat, carbs, and protein.  Your bullet journal spread can help you track these things.

People are chronically dehydrated and drinking water is part of a healthy lifestyle.  Drinking more water helps you in a lot of ways.  One way drinking a bunch of water can help is to keep you full longer.  If you are supposed to drink half your body weight in ounces of water, it helps to track your hydration in your bullet journal.

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Tracking Weight Loss In Your Bullet Journal

There is nothing quite as nice as having your weight loss progress in your bullet journal.   Seeing this laid out visually in your bullet journal will help with motivation.  I also use a scale that automatically updates my weight over wifi so I don’t have to remember the number to add it later.  I can look in my phone for my weight.

There are several ways you can track weight loss in your bullet journal.  You can do a weight loss bullet journal spread in which you track each pound lost using drawings or colors.  You can create a weight loss bullet journal spread with a graph showing your weight loss over time.

Your creativity (or ability to search Pinterest) is the limit here.  There are a lot of ways to do this.  Pick one that is fun for you.    Keep in mind that your goals is to be able to quickly look at your weight loss bullet journal spread to see your progress and keep up your motivation.

In my current weight weight loss bullet journal spread, I drew a circle for each pound I’d like to lose and I will doodle or color once that pound is lost.  Yay, I lost one pound so far!

weight tracker spread in a bullet journal. 20 circles each representing one pound.

Note that I have more than twenty pounds to lose, yet I made a bullet journal spread for weight loss that only encompasses the shorter term goal of losing twenty pounds.  This helps me because I look forward to creating a new spread.  To me, being able to create a new weight loss bullet journal page is fun and rewarding.

Not only that, but twenty pounds sounds a lot more doable than my ultimate goal.

Remind Yourself Of Why You Want To Lose Weight

Let’s face it.  Sometimes eating healthy sucks.  When you smell your favorite pizza in the air or have a craving for your favorite candy bar, it can be hard.  I suggest making a page to remind yourself why you are changing your habits.

Your reasons will be huge in helping you to keep going. On my page I wrote the following:

  • Live longer
  • Lower health risk
  • Have more fun
  • Have more energy
  • Increase attention
  • Feel attractive
  • Walk without being out of breath
  • Less brain fog
  • Clothes fit better (and have more options)
  • Be able to run from zombies

I still have more room to add some ideas to this bullet journal spread.  Taking some time to reflect on your why helps you get into the mindset to continue.

Bullet Journal Spreads For Weight Loss Adds Intention

When you add something to your journal, you give yourself the message that it’s important.  When you flip through your journal you will flip past these pages, reminding you that healthy habits are important to you and why that’s the case.

When you page through your journal to add something to your to do list, your mind will notice those pages.  Even if you are not consciously paying attention, they are there.

This may help on those days that your coworker brings in pizza (apparently I want pizza since I keep bringing it up).

Ever notice that it’s much easier to stay on a diet in the beginning?  Part of that is because of your tendency to focus and make choices deliberately when you are learning.  Having a weight loss spread in your bullet journal helps you to keep up this mindful practice.

As you focus on your goals within intention through keeping a bullet journal for weight loss, you will feel more and more encouraged.  As you see you’re reaching goals and following through on promises to yourself on paper, it will motivate you to do more.

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