The Absolute Best Procreate Brushes and Templates

There are a lot of different Procreate brushes to choose from. In this post I’ll share some of my favorites.

The Best Procreate Brushes and Templates

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I’ve purchased a ton of Procreate brushes, which is why I created a course on how to organize brushes in Procreate (free trial link).

Choosing My Favorite Brushes

As part of my ongoing plan to organize brushes, I’ve been working on downsizing to just the brushes I use the most. Otherwise my brush list is just too long.

I’m going to share some of my favorites here in this post and will update it as I decide on some other essential brushes for Procreate.

I highly recommend purchasing brushes on Designcuts, which is where most of the links here are from. They have the best quantity discount, where if you buy several brush packs, you can get up to 50% off!

Instant Artist Procreate Brush Collection

I really love The Instant Artist collection by Lisa Glanz. It has a nice variety of brushes to get you started. I learned how to use textures using these brushes. Her Soft Wiggle is my absolute favorite texture :). Put a new layer on top of the layer you want some texture on. Then use a texture brush and change the blend modes to see what you like best!

Instant Artist Brush Set for Procreate

Fine Art Paper Procreate Brushes

Another set that I use all the time is the Fine Art Paper set. It’s super convenient when you want to add a paper texture to your artwork. Just create a layer at the top of your artwork, select the paper brush you want, and color on the paper in grey. Then set that layer to Multiply and adjust the opacity. Looks super cool.

Fine Art Paper Brush Set for Procreate

The Ultimate Canvas Creator for Procreate and MORE

The Ultimate Canvas Creator is another really great set that will add some pop to your artwork. I think it’s so fun to take a piece of artwork and put it on all the different canvases to see how different each one looks when using these. I haven’t even used this to it’s full capacity yet, but I love it.

One really great thing about this set is that there are also versions that work with Photoshop and the Affinity Programs. What a great deal!

Ultimate Canvas Creator

Letter Builder Templates for Procreate

My next recommendation is a tool called Letter Builder. If you have troublemaking consistent letters, this will help. These are template brushes to help you draw letters. You can sort of see in the picture how this works. You stamp the template onto the page and then create a new layer and draw your letter in the template.

Letter Builder Brush Set

Aqua Real Watercolor Brushes for Procreate

The Aqua Real Watercolor brushes by Lisa Glanz are a popular choice for many Procreate artists. I love everything Lisa creates so I highly recommend these brushes.

Aqua Real Watercolor Brushes

Sugar and Spice Lettering Brushes for Procreate

I purchased these Sugar and Spice lettering brushes recently and think they are so fun. My favorite is the cinnamon one, but the one shown is also pretty cute. You can make some cute rainbows with it too 🙂

Sugar and Spice for Procreate - lettering brushes.

Hand Lettering Essentials Procreate Brushes

I also recently purchased this Hand Lettering Essentials brush set that I Iike. I think it makes it easy to make thicks and thins and at least in my own opinion I find I can make cute lettering with it.

Hand Lettering Essentials for Procreate

Magical Procreate Watercolor Brushes

For this next one, I had to create the picture. In my opinion this is the most fun watercolor set out there. Each letter on the picture is done with a different brush. I love the way it looks like the brushes have a dried edge. This set is called Watercolor Magic and I found it on Etsy.

watercolor magic - showing different brushes from the Watercolor Magic set from Etsy

That’s it for now! Check back for updates as I go through my brushes and choose which ones I’ll be keeping!

Learn how to download and install your Procreate brushes.

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