How To Use Digital Stickers in GoodNotes: Latest Easy Update!

When I first heard of digital planners, I was a little reluctant to use them because I really like using stickers in my planner. But I’ve since found you actually can use stickers in your planner! In this post I’ll tell you what digital stickers are and how to use them in Goodnotes. I’ll even include a free sticker sheet so you can start using them today!

You can also learn how to create your own digital stickers using Procreate in my new Skillshare Class. Which iPad is recommended for creating digital stickers in Procreate? Learn about the best one here.

How to use digital stickers in Goodnotes on your iPad

Using stickers reminds me of when I was a kid and liked to collect stickers in a sticker book. I love flipping through my planner and journal looking at all of my stickers.

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Using stickers keeps me motivated to keep writing in my journal because it’s fun.  Stickers also help me to remember things because my brain associates a certain page with certain memories when I see the stickers I placed on that page.

I use different stickers to represent different things such as moods and feelings, encouraging words, and also just cute stickers to remind me of things going on during the day.  

I have some great news! :).

You Can Use Stickers in Your Digital Planner Too

Once I learned you can use stickers in your digital planner, I was sold.  There are some pretty great benefits:

  • You can reuse your stickers as many times as you want with no need to worry about them ripping.
  • If you don’t like where you put your sticker on a page, you can just move or delete it, no worries!  (I cannot put a sticker on a page straight to save my life!  You with me?)
  • There are a ton of different images to choose from on websites where you can purchase digital illustrations.  Here are some of my favorites:
  • You can create your own digital stickers out of any drawing you can think of! I just created a new class on Skillshare teaching you how to create colorful hand drawn digital stickers using Procreate! You don’t even have to know how to draw, you can use my sketches 🙂
  • It’s fun.  This is the best reason.

Need some ideas for bullet journal drawings you can make into stickers?

What are Digital Stickers?

Digital stickers are PNG files of images that you use as stickers.  I recommend using the PNG file type so that you have a transparent background instead of a white background.  I’ve created a free sticker sheet you can use to try them out! Be sure to download the stickers so you can follow along with how to use them in Goodnotes 🙂

How to Use Stickers on Goodnotes

I think it’s easier to show you how to use your digital stickers rather than just telling you so I created a tutorial video to show you how to use them  In this video, I’ll show you how to:

  • Add stickers to your Goodnotes digital planner after you save them to your iPad by either saving a PNG file to your iCloud drive or to your photos.  I recommend using the PNG file type so you can have a clear background behind your stickers for a realistic look.  I love how you can have a digital bullet journal that still shows the dots around your stickers.  I think it looks realistic.
  • Crop your stickers so you can use them in Goodnotes.  You can import your sticker sheets and then make them into individual stickers!
  • Go about resizing your stickers and moving them on a page.  (It is so easy)
  • Use your stickers on any planner page within your digital planner in Goodnotes

Make sure you download the free digital stickers (above) so you can follow along:

GoodNotes has a new feature where you can store your stickers right in the app! This is a game changer since your stickers are always there now. I recorded a quick video to show you how to use this new function.

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  1. Good collection of digital stickets. I often get them printed and stick them to my habit tracker and mood tracker templates. Do you happen to have more sticker collection? I would love to explore them

  2. I just added a cute printable sticker to my Etsy shop (it’s a dog). I also teach how to make digital stickers in Procreate in my Skillshare class if you have an iPad. It’s fun to do. 🙂

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