The BEST iPad Case for Drawing

I’ve found the best iPad case for drawing with Procreate and I’m super excited to share with you! If you’re looking for a case that props itself up in a comfortable position for drawing in Procreate, even while on your lap, this is it! Read on and be sure to grab the discount code.

iPad propped up in a Zugu case on my lap with a pattern showing on the screen. The best iPad case for drawing.

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I’ve always disliked cases and have used my iPad naked most of the time (other than when it is attached to the Magic Keyboard or in my Sketchboard Pro). It’s just so light and thin and having it without a case made it easy to carry around, except when you factor in of the accessories I was using to make my iPad more comfortable.

I spend a lot of time drawing outside. My usual routine is to carry my iPad and a lap desk outside with me, along with anything else I wish to have with me (a drink, book, my phone, etc).  

Once I get outside I take my iPad out of it’s keyboard and draw with it on my lap desk (this is the lapdesk I use). 

Needless to say, my hands are pretty full when I’m carrying everything outside. 

Then I was on a Facebook group and saw someone talking about a case that holds the iPad up in a great position for drawing. It even holds the iPad in that position under pressure from drawing. 

I tend to have a heavy hand so I was intrigued.

The reason I really wanted to try it was because having the case constantly on my iPad would make it so that I didn’t have to carry my lap desk with me wherever I go. 

Since buying the case, I haven’t even touched by lapdesk! 

So what case is it? It’s a case by Zugu. You can buy it directly from Zugu (use the coupon “bestcaseml” for a discount!) or on Amazon. I’ll include links to both places. I’ve ordered from both and they are both pretty quick and convenient. I am an affiliate for both.

Why Is This the Best iPad Case For Drawing?

I’ve already mentioned that the case can be propped into several positions that are comfortable for drawing. These positions are held by a combination of indents on the case and strong magnets. Hard to explain, but the point is that they are pretty secure, even when writing with a heavy hand. 

Here is a picture from Zugu showing you how this works:

Showing the Berry colored Zugu case in propped up position on a desk.

I tend to use my iPad on my lap while sitting on the couch. With the Zugu case, I just open it up and prop it in the most comfortable position for me, and then draw away without really worrying about it. Everything stays secure and if I want to adjust the position, it’s super easy to do. 

On the 12.9 inch iPad Zugu case there are 10 slots, which means there are ten different levels you can prop up your iPad, 

This means it is also great for laying back on a recliner with the iPad on your chest while watching a video. I just love it. It’s so versatile. 

Another great thing about the case for drawing is that there is a slot on the side that allows you to use the magnet of your iPad to charge your Apple Pencil. I nearly always keep my Apple Pencil attached to my iPad so it is fully charged when I use it. With this case my pencil is even more securely attached since it is protected on both sides by the case and won’t get knocked off easily. 

Here is a picture of my iPad showing my Apple Pencil charging in the case:

Apple Pencil Charging in Zugu Case

There is a second area where you can store your Apple Pencil on the back of the case. It is kind of like a pocket shaped made out of elastic that you could stick your Apple Pencil in. It doesn’t interfere with the case while the case is in use so I suppose you could also keep regular pens in that pocket if you want to. 

Buy the Zugu Case here and use the coupon code “bestcaseml” for 15% off 🙂

Or buy Zugu on Amazon (affiliate).

Best Case for Using Your iPad in the Kitchen

I have not used this that much but it is too cool not to mention. The Zugu case has a “setting” that allows you to magnetize your iPad to your refrigerator. This is pretty cool for things like using the Paprika app with a recipe while you cook. Your iPad can be securely attached to your fridge. 

I suppose you could also watch some videos while you cook if you want to! 

I tested this out and it holds the iPad securely and it does not slide down the refrigerator. Pretty cool. 

Here is a screenshot of a photo by Zugu:

Zugu Case Hanging on Refrigerator

Best iPad Case for Reading and Watching Videos

Since this case can be adjusted into several positions, I also find it really great to use for watching videos or reading. I can recline back in my chair and stick my iPad in the highest upright position and rest it on my chest. It works really well. I’ve fallen asleep with it on my chest many times while outside in my lawn chair haha. It has not fallen off. 

iPad propped up on woman's lap and she is watching Hulu

Great Warranty and Return Policy

Zugu has a pretty nice return policy (60 days) and they make it easy to do a return and/or exchange for any reason. 

Even better, they have a warranty that includes reimbursement for your AppleCare+ fee if you need to have your iPad repaired under AppleCare. I have not had to use this, but you can learn more about it here. They believe in their product that much. That’s pretty big.

How Well Does Zugu Protect Your iPad?

Well, let me tell you. I have a standing desk and I had my iPad on my desk in standing position and left the room. Unfortunately I did not know that I had a “cat bomb” in my room – they are very stealthy. 

When I returned to my room, I noticed my iPad was on the floor face down. It fell from the top of my desk (which was in the higher standing position) and fell screen first onto the hard wood floor. EEK! Not a fun thing to see when you walk into a room.

The iPad was completely fine. (The cat bomb went on to continue cat bombing as well haha – she’s lucky she’s cute). 

The case itself has a ding/chip in the leather from the fall, which of course bothers me because I like things to look like new and this happened within the first week of having my new case. But I have to remind myself that I’d rather have that ding/chip in the case instead of on the iPad screen. I’d say the case did it’s job well with the protection. 

I highly recommend buying the Zugu case (don’t forget to use my coupon code “bestcaseml” and also make sure you pick the right size)

Even with the case open there is a raised rim around the screen that protected my screen when it fell. I should note that I have never noticed the rim while drawing. It has never interfered in any way. 

What’s Not to Like About The Zugu iPad Case

Ok, nothing is perfect. There are some (minor) things I don’t like about the case. 

The biggest con for me is that it isn’t easy to remove my iPad from the case. It’s not hard, but it isn’t effortless like removing my iPad from the Magic Keyboard. This means I haven’t used my Magic Keyboard since getting the case, so I haven’t been able to write blog posts with my iPad.

This also means I haven’t used my Sketchboard Pro since using the case. That’s kind of a bummer because I do like the smoothness of having such a large area to work with and to rest my hand. 

On the other hand, I find that I am using my iPad way more now than I was previously. It’s just so convenient to have the case be my lap desk. It seems really trivial but I love that. 

Bonus Thing I Love About the Zugu Case

This might be a pro that is only applicable to a small few people. I have two iPads and tend to have one of them set up as a screen using this iPad holder stand. That way I can use my iPad on my lap and have the other iPad set up sort of like a television.

I’m super excited that I can fit the open Zugu case into the stand with the Apple Pencil attached. That means that my second Apple Pencil also stays charged and I don’t have to take the iPad out of the case prior to putting it in the stand. 

Previously I would take the second iPad outside with me and prop it with its keyboard. Then when I wanted to put it in the stand I’d have to remove the keyboard (and put the keyboard somewhere). Now I just open up the case and plop it into the stand while it’s still in it’s case. 

I am learning through writing this blog post that I’m super lazy about removing iPad cases. Haha.  I’m guessing I’m not alone with that. It’s really convenient that this case has so many functions that are useful to me.

Bottom Line 

If you’ve read this far, I’m sure you’re not surprised that I highly recommend this case. I love it so much. I use it every day for drawing, writing, reading, and watching videos. I hope to use it in the future for cooking because I do think the ability to magnet your iPad to the fridge is pretty cool. 

I highly recommend the case. You can purchase it at Zugu or on Amazon.

Buy the Zugu Case at Zugu. Be sure to use my Zugu discount code “bestcaseml”


Buy the case on Amazon

In either case, be sure to pick the right size for your iPad.

If you’re interested in screen protectors to go with your new case, be sure to check out my favorite screen protectors for drawing on the iPad.

I’ve been trying out the Rock Paper Pencil set from Astropad. See my review here

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  1. I found your blog because I was looking for a case and investigating the perfect case for lap usage. Wow, am I so happy to find you! Thanks for the reassuring review, the discount code, but also the inspiration. I’ll be back!

  2. Yay! I love the case so much. I was just thinking about whether I want to update my iPad and decided only if my case would fit haha. Also just bought one for the iPad mini and it is the CUTEST 🙂

  3. i love my zugu case and take it with my ipad everywhere. but it is awfully heavy. i wish they could make a lighter model with the same features.

  4. I noticed you have a protective sleeve on your pencil. Does it charge properly when in the charging slot on the zugu case? I have a zugu case but want a pencil sleeve that works while in the zugu. What pencil
    Sleeve do you have?

  5. Hi Melanie

    It is a sticker from slickwraps – so is just for show (not to increase comfort). For the crayon one, I cut the sticker off the magnet side so it charges consistently. I also have a pink one that works with the case without being cut. They are both from slickwraps, but one is slightly thicker than the other. I hope this helps!

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