Sketchboard Pro for iPad: An Authentic Review

The Sketchboard Pro is an amazing accessory for artists who create art using their iPad. It’s a built-in drawing surface for your iPad!

Sketchboard Pro for iPad: Is it Worth it?

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What’s the Sketchboard Pro?

The Sketchboard Pro is kind of like a combination of iPad case and drawing table. Think of it as a desk or an easel that provides a comfortable and flat 20 degree writing surface for your iPad.

I hesitate to say that it is anything like a case because it’s not something that you can carry your iPad around in. Your iPad will fall out if you carry it around in it.

But, it does hold your iPad securely when in use. This is because there is a cutout area that your iPad is placed into while you’re using the Sketchboard Pro. This is brilliant because it means that the surface around your iPad is flush with your iPad, creating a flat surface for drawing.

Sketchboard Pro shown in landscape orientation
Landscape Mode

Isn’t That Just a Giant Bezel?

When I was researching the Sketchbook Pro I saw  someone mention that it’s funny that Apple keeps trying to decrease the size of iPad bezel and along comes this Sketchboard Pro that essentially makes the iPad bezel gigantic.

The difference though is that the Sketchboard Pro is removable. I’d never want a bezel the size of the Sketchboard Pro built into the iPad. But I do love using the Sketchboard Pro!

There are some benefits to having this surface area surrounding your iPad. The best of which is that it makes it so comfortable to draw with.

What Makes the Sketchboard Pro Great For Artists?

My favorite part of the Sketchboard Pro is that it gives you more space to rest your hand off of your iPad.

When using your iPad without the Sketchboard, you have to rest your hand on the screen when drawing, which results in less available space for your drawing.

But with the Sketchboard Pro you can rest your hand next to the iPad, just like you would if you were drawing on a piece of paper on a desk. There’s no edge between your iPad and where your hand is resting, leaving you with a flat surface to draw on.  That’s pretty wonderful.

This means you can use the complete canvas while drawing without having to move it around as much.

I didn’t know how cool that would be until I tried it.

The smooth surface feels nice when you’re drawing. I think this is the ideal drawing desk for your iPad.

Another cool thing about the Sketchboard Pro is the angle it sits at on your table.

Sketchboard Pro in Portrait Mode
Shown in Portrait Mode

The Sketchboard Pro has fold out legs that make it rest at the perfect angle for drawing. You can use it in either portrait or landscape orientation. You can also prop it up vertically to display your iPad. One user recommended using it to hold up your iPad for a Zoom call! I have not tried that.

The Sketchboard Pro angles are perfect for the professional artist who is used to drawing with a drawing desk or painting with an easel.

Try this out for yourself! It’s surprisingly fun to draw on.

Can You Use Sketchboard Pro On Your Lap?

Although the Sketchboard Pro seems like it was mostly made for use on a table or a desk, it can also be used while sitting on the couch.

I usually draw while sitting on the couch at night. One of my top concerns when purchasing the Sketchboard Pro was whether I would be able to use my iPad on the couch.

If you’ve read my blog before, you know I use a lapdesk.

The Sketchboard Pro works well when you use a lapdesk. I don’t think it would work as well without a lapdesk because you’d have to either lift up your knees or bend over your iPad.

The Sketchboard Pro is pretty big and I think it would be awkward to try to draw for a long period of time with it flat on your lap.

When it’s on my lapdesk it is held at a great angle for drawing to me it’s like having a nice desk on my lap.

I mentioned that it’s pretty big, so if you have a narrow chair with high arms you might have difficulty.

Here is a series of pictures of my husband on the couch with my Sketchbook Pro. This is with the lapdesk.

Sketchboard Pro being used on the couch
Using the Sketchboard Pro on the couch
Using the Sketchboard Pro on the couch

Is Sketchboard Pro Worth The Price?

You’re probably wondering if it’s worth the price. It’s quite a bit more expensive than most other iPad holders or cases that you’ll find on Amazon.

It’s different though. You can tell by the heft of the materials that it is high quality. Your iPad will fit perfectly in the Sketchboard Pro.

The clever design allows for charging your Apple Pencil and also for charging while drawing. The form fitting cradle that fits in the board is interchangeable and you can purchase a cradle to go in that would fit any iPad size. This is great for those of you who switch between different sizes. (I’m a huge fan of the 12.9 inch iPad for Procreate).

I haven’t seen anything else like this and the innovation on it’s own makes this worth it. It allows you to draw for much longer on your iPad because it’s so comfortable.

What Are The Negatives?

For me the biggest downside of the Sketchboard Pro is its size.

It’s huge and I usually end up not grabbing it because of this. If I’m going to be sitting on the couch and switching between my computer and my iPad, I usually won’t grab it because it just takes up so much space next to me. I worry if I prop it up against the back of my couch that it will fall on my little dogs. It is pretty heavy

You can’t walk around with the iPad in it because it will fall out. So if you’re going to move from your couch to your desk, you’ll want to take the iPad out before doing so.

You may not be able to plug in your iPad while using the Sketchboard Pro if you use an off-brand charger. The hole that’s used for charging is sized for the official cord.

It’s not very adjustable. With my Mindreader desk I can change the tilt of my iPad to flex to whatever chair I’m sitting on but with the Sketchboard Pro there’s only one setting when using the legs. Personally I enjoy the setting so that’s not a problem for me.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy the Sketchboard Pro?

I purchased the Sketchboard Pro and I like it a lot. I recommend you purchase it if you like to spend a long period of time drawing on your iPad.

I think it’s especially a great product if you like to draw at a table or desk. While you can use it on the couch, it’s kind of bulky to carry around and you’ll need to get a lapdesk to create a better angle. I already have this lapdesk that I use all the time so that wasn’t a problem for me.

If you’re someone who moves around a lot or who does your art while traveling around, this probably isn’t a great choice because it’s pretty big and you can’t walk around with your iPad in it. They do sell a case that fits your Sketchbook Pro, so that will probably help if you want to carry it around with you.

I purchased the Artist Bundle, which included a case and some Procreate brushes. I wanted the case for days when I wanted to bring the Sketchboard Pro outside with me to draw. One of my favorite things about being a digital artist is that I can create art everywhere and the case will make the Sketchboard Pro much more portable.

Using the Sketchboad Pro is such a comfortable experience. It allows you to spend much more time drawing on your iPad without any pain. For this reason, I recommend you purchase the Sketchboard Pro to try it out for yourself! Remember to use my coupon “apenandapurpose”

Once you try it out make sure you come back and let me know what you think!

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