Your Top 21 Procreate Questions Answered Now

If you’re reading this post, you likely have questions about Procreate and whether it’s the right app for you.

Whether you’re a beginner just starting out with art and trying to figure out if Procreate is worth it for you, or if you’re a seasoned artist with questions, I’m hoping to answer some of the top Procreate questions I see in this post. Think of this post like a Procreate FAQ.

Is Procreate Right for You? Your Top Procreate Questions Answered

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What is Procreate?

Procreate is a digital illustration app that you can get on the Apple App Store. It allows you to create art and lettering on your iPad. It’s like drawing on paper but it’s much easier and quicker. You can make everything from simple shapes, lines and text to more complex designs, illustrations, and even animations. 

The app was designed by Savage Interactive. I’m happy to say that Savage has continued to update it and make it great. 

What Devices Can You Get Procreate On?

Procreate is made only for iOS devices which means it will work on Apple iPads. If you have an Apple iPad that makes use of the Apple Pencil, you can use Procreate. 

To learn about the best iPad for Procreate, read this post. 

There is also a version of Procreate for the iPhone called Procreate Pocket. I tend to think of that as a seperate app though since it does not use the Apple Pencil. 

Is 32 GB enough for Procreate?

Yes, you can use Procreate on an iPad with only 32 GB of storage. I recommend you get more than this though so you don’t have to keep moving your artwork off of your iPad. 

With the use of iCloud or other cloud storage, it’s convenient to move your artwork to an external storage source; however, it still might be a pain in the butt. 

I had a 256 GB iPad for years before upgrading to more storage. I enjoy having everything on my iPad and not having to worry about where I put things. 

But technically, yes, you can use a 32 GB iPad for Procreate. My Procreate app is currently taking up 58 GB. Keep in mind though that I have a lot of artwork on there, along with a lot of brushes, swatches, templates and fonts. 

If you want to be able to store a lot of things on your iPad, then get a model with more storage. 

Does Procreate Need Wifi?

You do not need to be connected to Wifi to use Procreate. Your app and artwork live on your iPad. 

You will want to use Wifi or perhaps a wired connection to an external drive to back up your artwork though in case something goes wrong with your iPad. 

How to Save in Procreate

When you create artwork in Procreate, it will be saved inside of the app. 

The problem with this is that if you delete the app, you also will delete all of your artwork. 

Make sure you backup your artwork regularly, either with regular iPad backups or with specific backups of your artwork. 

How To Get Procreate for Free

Procreate is not a free app. The only way you could potentially (legally) get it for free is if you share apps with family members in the app store. 

If you get Procreate free in some other way then it is likely a bootleg or stolen version of the app. I’d recommend that it’s not worth using a non-authorized verison of Procreate because you may run the risk of losing all of your artworks.

Also, please support the developers of Procreate. It’s such a cool app and it’s worth so much more than what they charge for it. 

How Much Does Procreate Cost?

When comparing the cost of Procreate versus using paper and other supplies, Procreate is a no brainer especially if you already have an iPad. 

At the time of this writing, Procreate costs less than $10 in the app store. 

Is Procreate a One Time Purchase or a Subscription?

I’m excited to tell you that Procreate is a one time purchase. Although many other apps have gone to a subscription model, Procreate costs less than $10 as of this writing. That’s a one time fee. 

This makes it perfect for beginners. When you’re in the early stages and are questioning whether you’ll ever be able to improve, it won’t feel as big of a deal when you spend such a small amount one time. 

(But you will get better with practice)

Can You Use Procreate on Any Tablet?

Unfortunately you cannot use Procreate on Android tablets or other tablets other than iPads. Procreate is made only for Apple’s operating system.  

Learn how to choose the best iPad for Procreate here. 

Does Procreate Work on iPad Mini 5 or 6?

What if you only have the iPad mini and not the iPad Pro? Does Procreate work on iPad mini 5 or iPad mini 6?

Procreate works on both of these. The difference is that with an iPad mini 5 you will need a first generation Apple Pencil and with iPad mini 6 you will need a second generation Apple Pencil. 

I have an iPad mini 6 and have tested out Procreate while doodling in front of the television. Although the screen is small, I enjoyed using it. I use it with a Paperfeel Screen Protector (the same screen protector I recommend for the larger iPads).

Here’s the doodle I created with the iPad Mini 6:

White doodle on black background created with iPad Mini in Procreate

I still recommend the 12.9 inch iPad Pro though because I enjoy the bigger screen. This is the iPad I have. 

How To Connect Apple Pencil to Procreate

Your Apple Pencil will automatically be connected to Procreate if it’s connected to your iPad. 

Apple pencils connect over bluetooth. If you have the Generation 1 pencil, it will connect when you plug it into the charging port. If you have a Generation 2 pencil it will connect when you connect it to the magnetized area of the iPad to charge it. 

Can You Use Procreate Without an Apple Pencil?

Do you need an Apple Pencil for Procreate? No, you can draw with your finger or even with a regular stylus. 

Do I recommend that you use Procreate without an Apple Pencil?


I think the Apple Pencil is what makes Procreate so magical. The tools in Procreate act just like real art supplies when you use the Apple Pencil. 

The best sylus for Procreate hands down is the Apple Pencil. (Make sure you get the right one for your model). 

Can You Use Procreate on MacBook?

Procreate is only for the iPad. You cannot use it on the MacBook. The Macbook does not have a touch screen. 

One thing you can do is plug your iPad into an external monitor and see your creation bigger. I don’t know if all iPads can do that but my iPad Pro connects to my external monitor using a USB-C and I can see my artwork being created on that external monitor. 

Is Procreate on PC?

Digital artists often use a computer with a tablet to create their art. So can you use Procreate with a PC? No. Procreate will only work with iOS. 

Many people as how to get Procreate on Windows and that’s not possible. Procreate is not made for use on Windows.

Does Procreate Work on Surface Pro?

No. Procreate only works on iPads. Find the best tablet for Procreate here

Is Procreate Free on Android?

Procreate does not work on Android.

Procreate is not free anywhere. It is inexpensive and worth way more than what they charge for it. 

Will Procreate Come to Android?

Last I read on the Procreate website, there are no plans to make a version of Procreate for Android. 

Should You Use a Screen Protector With Procreate?

While you don’t have to use a screen protector for Procreate to work, I find that using a screen protector makes it easier for me to control my Apple Pencil. 

This results in better drawing and writing on my iPad. 

To learn more about my favorite screen protector for writing and drawing in Procreate, read this post. 

In addition to improving my drawing and lettering, I like the additional protection that a screen protector gives my iPad. If you’ve ever had a scratch on your phone, you know what it’s like to scratch the screen. Super bummer.

A lot of people (and even Apple) say you don’t need a screen protector on your iPad. You probably don’t. I personally won’t risk it.

When Else Do I Need to Purchase To Use Procreate?

All you need is the iPad and the Procreate app to use Procreate. I recommend the Apple Pencil. 

While not necessary there are other accessories you can use for you iPad to make things more comfortable or convenient. 

Here are some of my favorite accessories that I use with my iPad. 

Do I Have To Purchase Brushes For Use in Procreate?

Procreate comes with amazing brushes. You can totally get away with creating amazing art with the brushes that come with Procreate.

You can also branch out and purchase brushes for Procreate but it isn’t necessary. Here are some of my favorite brushes.

Can I Use Procreate if I’m a Beginner?

Nope. I was not an artist when I started to use Procreate. If you look back on some of my early bullet journal posts like this one on creating a simple bullet journal spread, you’ll see I didn’t know how to draw and didn’t even like to draw. 

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