145+ Fun Bullet Journal Collections You’ll Be Excited To Try

Here is the journal I recommend and use. Looking for some bullet journal page ideas?  Bullet journal collections are fun to create and help you to organize your life.  Here are some bullet journal collection ideas for home, health, finance, blogging, self improvement, and fun.

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145 Bullet Journal Collections and Page Ideas to Make Today

What is a Bullet Journal Collection?

One of my favorite things about keeping a bullet journal is all of the different things you can track and collect.  A bullet journal collection is usually a list of things you collect or want to keep track of.

It can also be so much more!  I think of a bullet journal page as somewhere I can store lots of things I want to remember later.  Here is the journal I recommend and use. 

There are a ton of  bullet journal collection ideas in this post but you can come up with so many more bullet journal list ideas to add.  The sky is the limit and the cool thing is you get to individualize your journal to fit your needs.

You might also enjoy these ideas for bullet journal doodles to add to your journal. 

Why Use Collections in Your Bullet Journal?

The simplest reason why you should use collections or lists in your bullet journal is because it helps you remember things.  Having a collection or list you can refer to lets you know what books you’ve already read, what foods fit your diet, or whatever your heart desires to track in your bullet journal.

When you take time to list things such as “things I like to do when I’m bored,” it gives you a moment of mindfulness to focus on your life.

A bullet journal collection can also be added to as needed.  For example, I have a journal dedicated to my reading goals for the year.  I tracked which books I read and how many I read each year.  This required me to remember to enter the books into my journal when I completed a book.  Since I have my bullet journal with me all the time, it is easy to pull it out and update when I complete a book.

Since a bullet journal has an index, it’s easy to add to or reference your bullet journal collections when you need to.  No more looking everywhere to find where you wrote that list!  Everything is with you in one place.  Want to look up the shows you want to watch on Netflix?  Just pull out your bullet journal and flip to that page!

See my post on how to start your own bullet journal here.

I’ve been creating a list of things I could have spreads about in my bullet journal and wanted to share some ideas with you.  Check out these brilliant collections you can add to your journal.  Remember you probably will not want to add all of them.  🙂

Health Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

An effective part of any diet plan is tracking.  People tend to underestimate the amount of food they eat but once they write down the food they eat they are better able to follow a diet plan.  For more information, see my post on using a bullet journal for weight loss.

Tracking helps more than just with diet plans.  For example, have you ever gone to take your medication but then questioned whether you already took it?  This happens to me all the time!  I don’t want to take extra medication so then I don’t take it.  I bet I miss a lot of doses because of this!  Tracking in your journal can help you with this.

Here are some health ideas for your bullet journal:

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    • Meal Planning
    • Recipes I Love
    • Fitness Tracking
    • Healthy Snacks
    • Habit Tracker (water intake for example)
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    • Morning Routine
    • Self Care
    • Health Care Appointment Reminders
    • Medication
    • Workout Log
    • Things to Reward Yourself With When You Reach Your Goals
    • Things To Do Instead of Snacking
    • Healthy Snacks
    • Meal Planning
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    • Water Intake
    • Sleep Log
    • Mood Tracker
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Bullet Journal Ideas for Home

Many people find tracking helpful for home projects and chores.  There are many examples online of chore lists and cleaning calendars.  This is not my strong suit, but here are a few examples:

  • Cleaning Calendar
  • Veterinary
  • Staples List (for grocery shopping)
  • Freezer/Pantry Inventory
  • Addresses/Phone Numbers
  • Passwords
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Holiday Planner

Self Reflection Bullet Journal Spreads

Using a bullet journal for self improvement is my jam.  I often get so busy that I don’t have time to reflect on what is important to me.

Taking time to sit and reflect on things like what I do well, what I like doing, things I’ve learned, and other areas of life helps me to be mindful of what I’m working to improve.  I’ve created a post about nightly reflection including a printable journal page. Here are some examples of self reflection or self improvement bullet journal spreads:

    • Things I Do Well
    • Things I Love
    • What I Know For Sure
    • Words I Hate
    • Things That Make Me Happy
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    • Things I’ve Learned
    • Who Would I Be If I Were Successful?
    • How Would I Feel If I Were Successful?
    • What Would I Be Doing If I Were Successful?
    • Short Term Goals (Do Now)
    • Goals To Complete This Quarter
    • Monthly Goals
    • Yearly Goals
    • Someday Goals
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  • Not To Do List
  • Things I Can Do To Increase Positive Mood
  • Memories
  • About Me/Who Am I
  • Skills I Want To Learn
  • Daily Affirmations
  • Compliments I’ve Received
  • Things I Love About My Spouse
  • Sex Tracker
  • Date Tracker
  • Best Memories
  • Things That Make Me Special
  • Habit Tracker
  • Things I Want To Do/Try
  • Brainstorm List
  • Things I’d Do If I Didn’t Need Money
  • Things To Do When I’m Bored
  • Personal Strengths
  • Things I’m Grateful For

Collections and Fun For Your Bullet Journal

I have a terrible memory so it is important for me to be able to track things like what I’m subscribed to, books I’ve read, daily tasks, and all sorts of things like that.  Yesterday I created a post on Netflix shows to binge because I like to do that while I cross stitch.

Here are some examples of things to create as collections in your bullet journal.


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  • Books I’ve Read
  • TV Series Tracker
  • Dog Names
  • Gift Ideas
  • Craft Projects
  • Projects To Make With Cricut
  • Craft Inventory
  • Books I Own
  • What’s On My Kindle
  • Writing Challenge
  • Doodle Challenge
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  • Places To Visit
  • Cute Things My Kid Did
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Etsy Shops I Love
  • Podcasts
  • Restaurants To Try
  • Gift Ideas
  • Where I Keep Things
  • Last Time I…
  • Library Books
  • Music Owned
  • Playlists
  • Songs To Improve My Mood
  • Things That Make Me Special
  • Packing Checklist
  • Craft Ideas
  • Etsy Shops
  • TV Shows To Watch
  • TV Episode/Season Tracker
  • Movie Release Dates
  • Book Release Dates
  • Books I Own
  • Netflix Shows to Binge On
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  • Cross Stitch Patterns I Own

Blog and Business Bullet Journal Collections

I originally started bullet journaling to manage my blog and work.  Having a bullet journal to track your progress and keep track of all of your tasks is helpful in creating success.

  • Blog Post Ideas
  • Keywords To Use In My Blog
  • Courses I’ve Purchased
  • Courses I Want To Purchase
  • Ideas to Implement
  • Things I Want To Do In My Business
  • Things I Need To Do On A Weekly Basis
  • Brain Dump
  • Social Media Stats Tracker
  • Blog Stats Tracker
  • Subscriptions
  • Blogs To Read
  • Social Media Following
  • Monthly Pageviews
  • Sponsored Post Opportunities
  • People to Pitch
  • Facebook Groups
  • Pinterest Boards
  • Tailwind Tribes
  • Affiliates
  • CreativeLive Courses
  • Skills to Learn
  • Project Management
  • Master To Do List
  • Conferences
  • Studying/Notes
  • Ideas

Money and Finance Bullet Journal Collections

And then there is money!  Whether you are saving towards something, trying to stop spending, tracking bills, whatever you need in your life…you can put it in your planner and make it top of mind every day.

  • Finance Tracking
  • Spending Log (track your spending)
  • Savings Goals
  • Bills
  • Home Maintenance
  • Budget

  • Online Purchases
  • Things To Do That Don’t Cost Money
  • Savings Bullet Journal Tracker
  • Credit Card Debt Tracker
  • Student Loan Repayment
  • Monthly Bills
  • Financing Tracker
  • Business Income and Expenses
  • Things to Buy
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • House Maintenance

How To Organize Your Bullet Journal Collections

When you create your collections the best way to organize them is by making sure you track them in your index. The bullet journal index acts as a table of contents, allowing you to quickly find what you’re looking for.  The journal I use has preprinted page numbers on each page so I can quickly add page numbers to my index.

There are times when my collection becomes larger than the space I allow for it.

What I do there is just start a new page.  Then on the index, I add the page number.  So, let’s say I started a collection of books I read this year on page 13 and only allowed one page, but then I end up reading more books… The next page in my bullet journal is page 53 so I would continue my book collection there.  On my index I would write Books Read 13, 53.  Another idea is to write on page 13/53 on both pages near the page number so I know this collection is also on another page.

To learn more about how to organize your bullet journal pages, click here.  

So there you have it!  I hope these bullet journal ideas are helpful to you.  What are your favorite things to track in your bullet journal?  Comment and let me know.

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